Find balance and happiness with breakthrough.

Manage behaviour without changing personality.

A complete, balanced and healthy pet food for adult dogs – breakthrough complete dog food is truly revolutionary. Our unique formula, based on gluten-free potato and sweet potato, provides all your dog needs for a long, healthy and happy life with you. Our unique ingredient balance and holistic formula allows all of the vital amino acids and vitamins that are needed to synthesise key neurotransmitters such as serotonin to reach the brain for when they are required. This helps your dog maintain optimal emotional balance and focus to overcome life’s stresses and to feel happy and stay fit from mind to tail – a truly natural breakthrough!

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Breakthrough complete dog food
“Within just a few days, I started to notice a small but significant difference…. In fact, even though I had secretly thought it wouldn’t make any difference, my little fire cracker was turning into a normal well-behaved dog.Bella's Owner

Feeding breakthrough for best results using our 3-Step Process

1: Observe

Just like us, dogs can often feel the stresses and strains of modern life. Stress can lead to an unhappy dog too and cause poor and problematic behaviour as he tries to cope. Observing your dog closely and spotting the signs of stress is the first step to improving his life and your relationship.

2: Feed

Feed breakthrough as recommended (see feeding guide) and watch out for positive emotional changes over a matter of weeks.
Delicious and nutritious – breakthrough for a happier, more focused dog. Don’t forget our Money Back Guarantee if your dog refuses to eat breakthrough!

3: Progress

Now that you’re feeding breakthrough, track improvements with our Progress Chart. Build on the improvements and begin your journey of training! breakthrough manages behaviour without changing your dog’s personality. Guide your dog’s behaviour positively to bring further happiness and peace for all the family.

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What is COAPE?

COAPE was established in 1993 to provide benchmark education courses, training, and professional development for anyone interested in studying companion animal behaviour and therapy.

COAPE’s ethos and education courses start with the fundamental premise that the success of all mammals (and birds as well) is absolutely dependent on their emotional sensitivity. The intrinsic association of how they feel and how they learn, or how they form social relationships with their own kind and with us, is in the very nature of animals.

Meet the breakthrough Dog Team
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Val Strong - Creator of Val's Diet

What is breakthrough?

By Val Strong MSc.

“For many years I have studied how food can influence mood, emotions and behaviour in dogs. Just like humans our dogs can feel happy, sad, fearful and a wide range of emotions can affect their behaviour, which can make them difficult to train and to live with at times. An unhappy or fearful dog is much more difficult to motivate and an overexcited or anxious dog is far less able to focus calmly when meeting people or other dogs. Our dogs can understandably find it difficult to cope with some of the daily stressors of our busy lifestyles and may take time to learn how to live in our human world.”

breakthrough helps stabilise moods and emotions by increasing the level of key ‘feel-good’ brain neurotransmitters which help our dogs to feel relaxed and happy with life in our families, better able to cope with everyday challenges in our world and how to respond well in training.”

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