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Observe your dog's behaviour
The first step to a happier dog is to observe.

Just like us, dogs can often feel the stresses and strains of modern life. Stress can lead to an unhappy dog too and cause poor and problematic behaviour as he tries to cope. Observing your dog closely and spotting the signs of stress is the first step to improving their life and your relationship.
worried dog With breakthrough you no longer need to leave it to chance that your dog is feeling fine. See what a difference it makes and progress to a dog that’s as happy as can be. Why wouldn’t you?

Once you’ve observed your dog and considered the behaviour shown, try a bag of breakthrough

Feed breakthrough dog food
breakthrough dog food is truly revolutionary. Introducing it for the first time is key to its success…

General Feeding Advice

Feed your dog half of the recommended weight of breakthrough twice per day at approximately the same time in the morning and evening. Just split the daily amount in the guide below into two.

breakthrough dog food – feeding guide
Weight (KG) Food per 24 hours (g)
2.5 65
5 110
10 180
15 245
20 300
25 360
30 420
35 460
40 515
45 560
  • breakthrough is nutritionally complete and you should not add any other foods, supplements, ‘toppings’ or flavourings, not even for one meal, other than those recommended by the nutritionists and vets at breakthrough.
  • If you make other additions to breakthrough you may risk upsetting both the nutritional balance of the diet and disturb the mechanism and efficiency of its desired effect on your dog’s behaviour.
  • If you need to tempt your dog’s palate in the early stages of switching to feeding breakthrough, you can highlight its complex flavours and attractive aromas by adding a little water to dampen it slightly.
  • Treats – we recommend only using progress™ training treats when feeding breakthrough as even one or two ‘extras’ might alter the balance and mood impact of the diet. You can also use nuggets from your dog’s recommended daily breakthrough allowance, but only strictly in the numbers recommended by our experts.

Breakthrough Dog Food

For a full list of ingredients take a look here

Introducing your dog to breakthrough from another diet

All dogs are different but as a general rule, alter your dog’s diet gradually from the current food to feeding breakthrough to avoid the risk of upsetting digestion.

Dry Food

If you are already feeding a dry diet:

  • Blend your dog’s current food with the new food slowly altering proportions over 7 days
  • Gradually decrease the amount of the old food by about 15% of the recommended ration weight per day while increasing the amount of breakthrough™ by 15% of the recommended weight of food

introducing breakthrough

Wet Food

If you are feeding canned, semi-moist or raw / cooked meat:

  • You will need to accustom your dog to breakthrough by gradually; reducing the amount of your dog’s current diet and slowly introducing the dry food over a period of 5 to 10 days.
  • Decrease the amount of the existing diet by 10% each day whilst increasing the amount of breakthrough by 10% of the recommended weight of food.

If you are confused concerned or just want to talk it over – email or call us and we’ll let one of our experts guide you.

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Feed breakthrough dog food
Within 4 weeks of feeding breakthrough exclusively you should see a definite improvement in your dog’s behaviour, but without any alteration to your beloved dog’s underlying personality.

What do I look for?

Changes to look out for include improvements in your dog’s alertness and general behaviour. For example:
Dog wants to play

  • Less anxious and reactive to specific events that have made him afraid in the past.
  • More relaxed, contented and settled.
  • More confident in novel situations both indoors and outdoors.
  • More attentive and responsive to training and day to day life.
  • A renewed interest to toys and playing with other dogs and the family.

With the breakthrough Progress Chart below, you can monitor and record your dog’s progress in any areas of concern in behaviour and training over the 4 weeks. Simply score the way that you feel your dog reacts to any specific event.

What do I assess?

Suitable behaviours to assess include:

  • When your dog meets other dogs or unfamiliar people
  • Response to novel or loud noises
  • Coping with being left at home alone
  • How fast your dog learns new responses or tricks during training
  • How you view their overall happiness at home as part of your family

The breakthrough Progress Chart is easy to use and scores unwanted behaviour on a scale of 1 to 10. A score of 10 is a poor response from your dog’s point of view, and reflects your concern about their unwanted behaviour and management: for example, if they are too aroused and reactive to a given event or not aroused at all when they jolly well ought to be! At the other end of the scale, a score of 1 shows a perfect response, meaning that your dog is calm and enjoying the experience under assessment, or simply maintaining composure throughout an unimportant event. You can assess as many responses as you like using the chart below and see how breakthrough helps your dog improve over the four-week assessment period in a range of behavioural, mood state and learning parameters. Of course, your dog may improve in some areas faster than others depending on how much he/she is exposed to specific events. The overall outcome of their positive mood improvement and increased happiness as they develop a calm and relaxed state will, in time, facilitate learning in other areas.


Breakthrough-progress-chart-observe-black-and-white Download the breakthrough Progress Chart
If you need specific help with developing any aspects of your dog’s behaviour or training after the four week induction programme of exclusively feeding breakthrough, please contact our helpline : 0808 168 3344 or send us an email to hello@breakthroughdog.co.uk for further information and help from our team of experts in nutrition, behaviour, training and veterinary matters.

You can also contact a COAPE Expert Behaviourist directly. Full details and prices are available from your nearest COAPE behaviourist

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