Tick myths and facts

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Over the last few years, vets and pet owners have been reporting increased numbers of ticks on dogs. The increase may be due to warmer winters, more people exercising their dogs in rural areas, and changes to farming practices. There are over 20 different species of tick in the UK, but all are similar in appearance. They have round bodies, …

Being Alert to Canine Ear Conditions

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We all know that sore and itchy ears are a common condition in dogs, but it might surprise you to know that these conditions can be the reason for up to 20% of veterinary consultations. Research shows that similar conditions amount to less than 6% of consultations in cats so, clearly, we need to be alert to ear conditions in …

Keeping dogs & horses safe on walks

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Now the days are longer, dog walkers and horse riders will be taking advantage of the early evening light and sharing many routes. It is important that both groups learn to anticipate the behaviour of each other’s animals. Dogs that are unfamiliar with horses can start barking if they catch sight of one or even set off after them in …

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Loud noises and the unfamiliar caused anxiety for Peep

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Peep a Shih-tzu arrived at the rescue centre from a family with two young children and an aged Boxer who was suffering with cancer. His owners felt they didn’t have the time to spend with him and caring for their elderly ill dog was their priority. Peep hadn’t really been walked much or socialised, and was really quite wary of …

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Ben and Hilary make even more progress

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Later last year we shared with you Hilary and Bens story, the 15 month old Belgian Schipperke who had a rather isolated start in life with very little social interaction and anxiety issue with people and other dogs. When we last heard from Hilary Ben had come on in leaps and bounds on his new breakthrough™ diet and life was really …

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So terrified of other dogs but now enjoys his walks.

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Benjamin is a 15 month old Belgian Schipperke. Benjamin came to Hilary an experienced Schipperke owner, aged 7 months from a breeder who had decided not to keep him on. Benjamin was raised mostly in a kennel environment and had little or no training, he had very few social skills was really anxious around people and other dogs. When meeting …