Darcie Is Less Stressed

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We have been absolutely thrilled with the difference in Darcie in such a short period of time. When we originally rang Ainsley for some help, Darcie was stressed, miserable and had suffered with a few seizures in the previous months which we were unable to find the cause of. Since working with Ainsley, we now have a different dog. “arcie …

Honey Gains Stability

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Jennie had bred Honey so knew her full history. When she asked for help coping with Honey had started to affect daily life. The behaviours Honey was exhibiting included: panting constant movement refusal to release a ball/toy she was holding in her mouth licking lips throaty whining nudging to be stroked nibbling on the skin of a hand or arm …

Saffy’s New Lease of Life

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We began feeding the breakthrough diet to Saffy (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 5y female neutered pictured above with sister Sadie) in September 2015. Within weeks my mum reported that Saffy’s mood appeared to have improved remarkably. Submitted by T.Howard RVN DipCABT DipNut, East Sussex

Ellie is Muzzle Free

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Ellie was fine as a puppy but at approx. 8 months of age there was a difference in her general demeanor in boarding kennels. She was reactive to anyone/anything moving in front of her kennel (barrier frustration). Or was it just this?” “She had also reacted to a friend’s dog during a walk when the owners were having a rest …

Todd Now Responsive and Trainable

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Todd’s story hat can I say…Todd was like having a child with ADHD, never stayed still and didn’t seem to pay attention in trying to teach him commands, so it was becoming really difficult to control him. Todd was such a loving dog but so manic he was hard to control outside the home, or when people visited me.” “My …

Alfie Gains Confidence

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ent in by Katie Mayor after she trialled the first batch of breakthrough. Katie’s feedback come one month after the trial. Alfie was stressed out by other dogs as well as new places which made going for walks a challenge. He’s making great progress now as Katie explains (cleverly, Alfie has dictated his feedback to Katie) “Another thing I’ve managed …