Lewis the Trouble Maker No Longer

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The troublemaker of the house is a 5kg Pug, called Lewis. Lewis is frightened of people and dogs he hasn’t met before which results in him barking like crazy and, in the case of other dogs, actually having a go at them. The behaviourist I went to for help recommended Breakthrough to help settle Lewis. I was incredibly sceptical that …

Kenny is thriving on Breakthrough

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I wanted to tell you about our black Labrador male, Kenny. He is now eight, and throughout his life has always been very noise sensitive. We think it stems from when he was accidentally hit by a cyclist when a few months old. The bell noise terrified him and gradually this spread to other noises and his fears became normal …

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Ben and Hilary make even more progress

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Later last year we shared with you Hilary and Bens story, the 15 month old Belgian Schipperke who had a rather isolated start in life with very little social interaction and anxiety issue with people and other dogs. When we last heard from Hilary Ben had come on in leaps and bounds on his new breakthrough™ diet and life was really …

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Weasel’s rehabilitation has continued in leaps and bounds

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Weasel, a female Lurcher, was found as a stray aged about 9 months in Essex, possibly having been abandoned by travellers.  She was taken to a rescue centre where it was clear that she was very anxious, fearful of strangers and other dogs. It took several meetings before she was comfortable around Nicky’s three other dogs. Luckily she was adopted …

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We’ve noticed a huge difference, definitely a calmer, more relaxed Murphy…..

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Murphy, a collie x kelpie, was adopted at the age of 5 by his current owners in 2012. His previous owners had owned him from a pup but had struggled with both his aggressive behaviour towards them and his noise phobia, and his separation related anxiety was getting steadily worse. On top of it all, due to their increasing work …

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Ruby is now confident and happy

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Ruby is a 3 year-old Chihuahua who sadly had unpleasant start in life in her first home and as a result became highly fearful, and was ultimately returned to her breeder. Shortly afterwards she was found a loving home with someone who took her on promising to do their best to repair the damage and who, very usefully was also …

breakthrough™ and Wood Green – More Results

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  With the launch of breakthrough™ earlier in 2016, we have carried out a number of studies with rescue centres and COAPE trained behaviourists to demonstrate the results that breakthrough™ can produce. One such study was with the Wood Green Rescue Centre in Godmanchester. This blog post outlines the results from this study and was first published as an academic …