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Our online Lunch & Learns and CPD courses are perfect for veterinary professionals, dog behaviourists and trainers, rescue and other pet professionals working closely with dog behaviour.

Breakthrough Therapy Triangle

Lunch & Learn: Nutrition for Behavioural Health - Fact or Fiction

Stress in dogs is often demonstrated in unwanted behaviours which can lead to a cycle of interrelated stress in the owners, surrender of the dog to the rescue sector or, in extremes, euthanasia. Veterinary practices currently offer a drug and/or pheromone treatment as well as referral to qualified animal behaviourists.

Breakthrough StartUp was initially trialled by behaviourists, woodgreen Pets Charity and more recently a double-blind study has been conducted within a rescue kennel situation with very encouraging results.

Learning outcomes:

  • The mechanisms affecting the transport of amino acids and the synthesis of key neurotransmitters

  • The benefits of Breakthrough StartUp

  • How and when to use Breakthrough StartUp
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    Introduction to the Link between Diet & Behaviour in dogs

    The way clients manage what and how they feed their dogs can have a dramatic effect on the behaviour and mood of dogs. It is only recently that more interest has been placed upon the effect of diet on the behaviour of pet dogs. This short CPD module has been designed to give you an introduction into the link between diet and behaviour in dogs.

    This vetpol accredited course represents 30 minutes of CPD. You will receive a short booklet to read, followed by a short multiple choice question & answer sheet. A certificate is available upon completion of multiple questions.

    Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the role of nutrition

  • Effects of food on dog behaviour

  • Role of Amino Acids on dog behaviour
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