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As a pet professional, you will be all too aware of the additional stress that many of the nation’s dogs have been experiencing over recent months.

Our attempts to manage the Covid 19 pandemic have seen households wrestling with a wide range of issues including unemployment, furlough, home-working, home-schooling and a tsunami of additional work for key-workers – among others – all of which have had a profound effect on the daily routines that are so important for dogs’ stability. On top of this, there are few families that have not been touched by challenges to physical and mental health and sometimes, their tragic consequences.

As a canine professional, you will have wide experience of dealing with anxiety and stress in dogs and may have read the recent PDSA Paw Report with some concern. This annual report * was derived from market research among 4767 pet owners in February 2020, and 4103 pet owners post-lockdown, together with 623 veterinary professionals, and has confirmed some alarming trends among the UK’s 10.1 million dogs.

Welfare issues with dogs

Post lockdown – 20% of owners that had owned their pet before lockdown, reported that their pets had started to show at least one new behaviour since restrictions began

  • 5% said that their dog is spending more time in a quieter area of the house
  • 5% are showing signs of distress when left alone
  • 20% of dogs are routinely left alone for 5 hours or more
  • 42% (4.3 million) dogs are walked for less than 30 minutes at a time
  • 13% say that their dogs are not walked every day
  • 11% owners feel that their dogs are bored
  • 10% have behavioural concerns during walks

When interviewed, the veterinary professionals were all too aware of the pandemic’s effect on the wellbeing of the nation’s pets.

  • 53% have seen increases in owners seeking professional advice for behavioural issues over the last two years
  • 66% routinely recommend client referral for behavioural issues
  • 61% have seen an increase in phobias, such as noise phobia
  • 46% have seen an increase in euthanasia in dogs for behavioural issues

Pet Professionals looking forward

Managing unnecessary rehoming and euthanasia is a growing problem for all concerned.

Animal welfare organisations have expressed concern about the potential for increasing behavioural problems when restrictions are lifted, with further changes in dogs’ routines and environments, as well as the lack of socialisation opportunities for young puppies.

This poses additional challenges for all canine professionals, particularly where lockdown has allowed problem behaviours to develop further than might otherwise have been the case.

Breakthrough dog food has been shown to assist in the management of anxiety and stress in dogs, and as an adjunct to other therapeutic approaches. Manipulating a dog’s diet can be one of the most supportive tools you can use in behaviour work. Knowing how to do this is vital for all canine professionals – so, at Breakthrough, we have prepared all the professional resources you need.

Our totally free PDF and videos give you information on diet, the science behind diet manipulation to alter behaviour, and clear instructions on how to do this with your clients. It’s simple and easy – and it really works – when combined with appropriate commitment and time.

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