How to Feed Breakthrough Diets for a Happy and Calm Dog

Congratulations!  You have taken the first step towards helping your dog to be happy, calm and relaxed. To get the best possible results from feeding either of the Breakthrough Diets, please read the following Do’s and Don'ts on how to feed Breakthrough for a happy and calm dog.

DO check with your vet

If your dog has an underlying medical condition or is on any form of medication you should first speak to your vet before changing your dog’s diet. Your vet will always be willing to provide help and advice in any case of canine stress and anxiety.
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DON’T add any other foods, supplements, 'toppings' or flavourings

Breakthrough StartUp and Breakthrough FollowUp are nutritionally complete. The carefully balanced ingredients allow vital amino acids and other nutrients needed to synthesise key neurochemicals, such as serotonin, to reach the brain at just the right moment.

If you make other additions to Breakthrough StartUp or FollowUp you may risk upsetting the nutritional balance of the diet and disturb the mechanism and efficiency of its desired effect on your dog's behaviour.

DO Feed Breakthrough StartUp and then Breakthrough FollowUp

Only introduce Breakthrough FollowUp once positive behaviours and improved mood state have been established by feeding Breakthrough StartUp for at least six months.

DO use TrainUp Treats

Only use Breakthrough TrainUp treats as these have been specially formulated to maintain the unique effects of the Breakthrough Diets.

DO introduce Breakthrough diets gradually

All dogs are different but, as a general rule, alter your dog’s diet gradually from the current food to feeding Breakthrough to avoid the risk of upsetting digestion.

Click here to about how to feed Breakthrough and how to change over from your previous diet.


DO seek professional help

If you are concerned about your dog's emotional well-being or behaviour, contact your veterinary practice or our helpline on 0808 168 3344 or by email to find a canine professional who can help you and your dog.

Alternatively, the Animal Behaviour and Training Council have details of suitably qualified practitioners who may be able to help.

DO contact us if you need any further help or advice

If you need any further help or advice contact us on 0808 168 3344 or by email

How to use Breakthrough

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Follow the Breakthrough's 3-Step process for a happy and calm dog.

Breakthrough Dietary info

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What's in Breakthrough? Have a look at its ingredients and nutritional information.

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