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Altering a dog’s diet can be one of the best supporting tools you can use in behaviour work. Find out how you can do it now – with our FREE resources and tools.

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Veterinary Edge Article Publication Resource

In this Veterinary Edge piece Vicky Payne discusses the effectiveness of dietary intervention in a canine behavioural case history. The full social and economic sequelae from the COVID-19 pandemic have yet to be felt, but as things start to settle down the relationship between veterinary practice and its clients is beginning to enter a new phase.
Exploring the link between diet and behaviour

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Breakthrough Science with Val Strong MSc

Find out how Val Strong came to develop Breakthrough and how you can use it with your clients to support their mood and emotion.

Using Breakthrough in Veterinary Practice with Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS

Vicky Payne, Breakthrough’s Veterinary Advisor talks about using Breakthrough in practice.

Introduction to Breakthrough with Val Strong

Val Strong talks about the links between diet and behaviour and how Breakthrough can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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