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Altering a dog’s diet can be one of the best supporting tools you can use in behaviour work. Find out how you can do it now – with our FREE resources and tools!

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Knowing how to do this is vital for all canine professionals – so at Breakthrough we have prepared all the information you need to do this. Our free resources and tools give you information on diet, the science behind altering diet to affect behaviour, and clear instructions on how to do this with your clients. It’s simple and easy – and it really works – but it takes commitment and time.

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This fantastic resource focuses on the important role between diet and behaviour. Written personally by Val Strong, this short book covers how the way we feed our dogs can have a dramatic effect on their behaviour & mood state.

A Breakthrough publication on Managing canine stress levels: dietary approach.

A Breakthrough publication on the effect of dietary amino acid content on canine learning and behaviour.

Discover how Breakthrough dog food works and find out how it may be able to help your dog.

Breakthrough Research Downloads

‘Breakthrough’ diet was tested in a kennel environment at Wood Green Animal Centre. The study looked at anxiety/agitation/inability to settle vs calm/relaxed behaviour in one group and at reactivity/low impulse control vs composed/responsive behaviour in a second group.

A double-blind study assessing the effects of Breakthrough on stress in kennelled dogs, relative to dogs on control diets. The effects on the stress response were assessed using a previously validated stress monitoring scale measuring a variety of behavioural factors.

Breakthrough Vet Nurse Times Articles

Bob arrived at his new home in February 2020. He was an easy puppy. Having spent his first 8 weeks of life with his mother and 4 other puppies Bob had begun to learn important canine social skills and now it was time for him to learn about the environment and how to interact with humans.

It was well into the national lockdown when Jean became concerned about Ernie, the lurcher. Ernie sometimes appeared to be walking oddly and occasionally would be very stiff when he got out of his bed. Jean felt that she should get Ernie checked out by her vet but was very worried about not being able to go into the surgery with him, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Unfortunately, at 6 months old, Secret became extremely ill with meningitis. Thankfully she recovered, but, at around 18 months old, she started to show anxiety around unfamiliar dogs.

Ben is a 15-month-old Belgian Schipperke. Ben was raised in a kennel environment. He had very few social skills was anxious around people and other dogs.

Molly is an 8-month-old working type spaniel who came to her family in the summer of 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions they were not able to visit Molly as a puppy and see how she was being reared.

Breakthrough Veterinary Edge Article

Vicky Payne discusses the effectiveness of dietary intervention in a canine behavioural case history. The full social and economic sequelae from the COVID-19 pandemic have yet to be felt, but as things start to settle down the relationship between veterinary practice and its clients is beginning to enter a new phase.

Watch and learn about Breakthrough with our Experts

Breakthrough Science with Val Strong MSc

Find out how Val Strong came to develop Breakthrough and how you can use it with your clients to support their mood and emotion.

Using Breakthrough in Veterinary Practice with Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS

Vicky Payne, Breakthrough’s Veterinary Advisor talks about using Breakthrough in practice.

Val Strong MSc talks about the links between diet and behaviour.

Val Strong talks about the links between diet and behaviour and how Breakthrough can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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