Breakthrough FollowUp Dog Food

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Breakthrough FollowUp can help your dog to maintain balanced emotions and optimal behaviour achieved using Breakthrough StartUp.  Now that you have achieved steps 1, 2 and 3 using Breakthrough StartUp, you are ready to move on to steps 4, 5 and 6 with Breakthrough FollowUp.

Breakthrough FollowUP is a convenient and readily available complete dry dog food to help your dog remain confident, calm and focused.

This item: Breakthrough FollowUp Dog Food
£52.96 inc. VAT
£52.96 inc. VAT
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£52.96 inc. VAT


One of the greatest rewards of being a dog owner is seeing your dog happy and enjoying every aspect of life. Clinical studies show that in a healthy dog balanced neurotransmitters enable your dog to think clearly and to be receptive to learning and training. Whilst Breakthrough StartUp is clinically proven to help maintain and support learning ability and social interaction alongside appropriate behavioural therapy, Breakthrough FollowUp is formulated to continue your dog’s emotional and behavioural journey.

After achieving noticeable mood improvement and clearer focus using Breakthrough StartUp, switch to Breakthrough FollowUp to maintain training progress and support optimal behaviour.

Breakthrough FollowUp is formulated to maintain balanced emotions and optimal behaviour following Breakthrough StartUp.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Gradually introduce Breakthrough FollowUp over 7 – 10 days.
  • Breakthrough FollowUp is designed to be fed twice a day. Follow the feeding guide and split the recommended daily amount into two equal portions: serve one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • Ensure a fresh supply of water is always available. Store in a cool dry place.
  • This diet contains ingredients to support and maintain the optimal behaviour already established with Breakthrough StartUp. Treat only with Breakthrough TrainUp training
    treats. Avoid any additional supplements, treats or chews as these may reduce the effectiveness of the diet and can lead to weight gain.
  • Use Breakthrough FollowUp for long-term feeding and continue your dog’s behavioural journey to a happier and more contented life.


35% Poultry (Poultry meal (27%), Poultry fat, Poultry stock), Maize, Rice (26.1%), Beet pulp, Linseed
(2.4%), Minerals, Fish oil (0.8%), Lucerne, Chicory extract (as a source of the prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharide) (0.2%), Glucosamine (0.04%)

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 23.8%
Fat Content 13.5%
(of which Omega 3) 1.2%
Inorganic Matter 5.6%
Crude Fibre 2.2%
Moisture 8%

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin D3 2000IU
Zinc (Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 75mg/kg
Zinc (Zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates) 25mg/kg
Iron (Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate) 40mg/kg
Manganese (Manganese (II) oxide) 30mg/kg
Copper (Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 10mg/kg
Manganese (Manganese chelate of protein hydrolysates) 5mg/kg
Iodine (Calcium iodate anhydrous) 1.5mg/kg
Selenium (Sodium selenite) 0.6mg/kg
Taurine 1000mg/kg

Technological Additives:

Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 500mg/kg

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