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Discover how your dog's diet may be affecting his behaviour - and how Breakthrough can help

What is Breakthrough?

Discover how Breakthrough StartUp is clinically proven to help maintain and support learning ability and social interaction alongside appropriate behavioural therapy.

As humans, we recognise that our emotions and moods affect our behaviour. Thanks to science, we recognise that these are influenced by experience and the balance of key neurotransmitters in our brains. When it comes to a dog’s behaviour, the exact same science applies. Clinical studies show that in healthy dogs balanced neurotransmitters enable them to think clearly and to be receptive to learning and training.

How does Breakthrough work?

Discover Breakthrough's unique balance of ingredients and holistic formula. These allow key amino acids (and other nutrients needed to synthesise key neurochemicals such as serotonin) to reach the brain at just the right moment when they are required. This helps your dog gain the emotional balance and focus to overcome life’s stresses, helping them to think clearly and be more receptive to training.
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When can Breakthrough be used?

Breakthrough StartUp should be used alongside behavioural training to overcome many of the following problems: fear/anxiety, overly excitable/manic behaviour, reactive/low impulse, control/irritable.
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So often we don’t recognise how our dogs are feeling, observing your dog closely and spotting signs and symptoms of stress – as well as more obvious behaviour problems – is the first step to improving their life and your relationship.

Discover Breakthrough with Val Strong

Val Strong MSc talks about the links between diet and behaviour

How to use Breakthrough

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Follow the Breakthrough 3-Step process to get the best results and improvements.

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What's in Breakthrough? Have a look at its ingredients and nutritional information.

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