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Anxiety and stress is an increasing problem among dogs seen in veterinary practices.

Few of us doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK-wide lockdown have increased stress among dog owners and their pets.

The PDSA Paw Report 2021 confirms that much of what has been worrying veterinary professionals in their own locality is now being experienced nationally. By surveying 4,579 pet owners and 623 veterinary professionals, pre and post lockdown, this recent Paw Report confirms some alarming trends among the UK's 12.5 million dogs.

Welfare issues with dogs

Post lockdown, 22% of owners that owned their pet before lockdown have reported that their pets have started to show at least one new behaviour since restrictions began:

  • 5% are spending more time in a quieter area of the house
  • 5% are showing signs of distress when left alone
  • 3% are showing signs of having a new fear
  • 3% are biting, snapping, and growling towards dogs that are unfamiliar to them
  • 7% of owners have witnessed new barking/vocalising for over a minute at someone outside of the window

Dogs acquired after the first lockdown (March 2020) have also been impacted:

  • 18% are showing signs of distress when left alone
  • 11% are biting, snapping, and growling towards unfamiliar dogs
  • 15% are showing signs of being scared
  • 18% of owners have witnessed barking/vocalising for more than a minute at someone outside of the window
  • 39% are jumping up at people
  • 27% have shown signs of reactivity and aggression
Veterinary professionals are all too aware of the pandemic's effect on the wellbeing of the nation's pets
  • 53% have seen increases in owners seeking professional advice for behavioural issues over the last two years
  • 66% routinely recommend clients for referral for behavioural issues
  • 61% have seen an increase in phobias, such as noise phobia
  • 46% have seen an increase in euthanasia in dogs for behavioural issues

What about veterinary professionals themselves?

The report indicates, “75% of veterinary professionals said that euthanasia due to behavioural issues has been one of the issues which has had the greatest emotional effect on them personally, over the last ten years”

Veterinary professionals looking forward

Animal welfare organisations have expressed concern about the potential for increasing behavioural problems when restrictions are lifted, with further changes in dogs’ routines and environments, as well as the lack of socialisation opportunities for young puppies.

Stress anxiety in dogs is clearly a growing problem for all concerned. This poses additional challenges for veterinary professionals, both in the dogs that are currently having to access veterinary treatment without an accompanying owner and in those where lockdown has allowed problem behaviours to develop further than might otherwise have been the case.

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