Christmas Food Toxicity

Golden Retriever Dog chewing ball at Christmas time

The Festive Season is just around the corner and many of our celebrations revolve around food. Most vets would say that they treat an increasing … Read More

The Obesity Epidemic

Overweight dog looking sad

The latest report from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association finds that 51% of dogs, 44% of cats, and 29% of small mammals are overweight or … Read More

Diet and Brain Ageing

There are several dog diets and supplements on the market which claim to support normal mental function in ageing dogs. One of the major changes … Read More

What is Breakthrough Dog Food?

A new, complete food based on the ‘Val Strong Diet’ which has been used by behaviourists and trainers for many years. Following demand from behaviourists, … Read More

Easter Advice

Professional Resources

Vets aren’t fond of Christmas and Easter…  there are too many dangerous temptations for curious and greedy pets! Most people are now aware that chocolate … Read More