Breakthrough Dog Food and Treats

There’s a strong link between diet and behaviour

A complete, balanced and healthy pet food for adult dogs. Breakthrough dog food is truly revolutionary. Our unique formula, based on gluten-free potato and sweet potato, provides all your dog needs for a long, healthy and happy life with you.

The unique ingredient balance and holistic formula allows key amino acids and other nutrients needed to synthesise key neurochemicals such as serotonin to reach the brain at just the right moment when they are required. This helps your dog gain emotional balance and focus to overcome life’s stresses and helps him to feel happy and stay fit from mind to tail.

TrainUp Training Treats

TrainUp Training Treats contain natural venison and sweet potato and perfectly complement Breakthrough dog food.  These pocket sized treats are high value, highly palatable treats that dogs love.  The perfect reward to help you progress your training and behaviour work.

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