Progress Training Treats

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Perfectly complements Breakthrough dog food for mind to tail nutrition.
Developed by Val Strong MSc, Progress training treats help boost the benefits of breakthrough dog food.

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Progress Training Treats

Progress Training Treats contain natural venison and sweet potato and perfectly complement Breakthrough dog food. Developed by Val Strong MSc, Progress treats are high value, highly palatable treats that dogs love – the perfect rewards to help you progress your training and behaviour work.

When using Breakthrough – or Val’s Diet – is important that any treats you use when training your dog, or as part of a behaviour modification programme, complement Breakthrough – otherwise you could be undoing all the good work Breakthrough has achieved.

Order 2 packs of Progress Training Treats for free delivery


Venison (70%), Glycerol, Sweet potato (13.4%), Minerals, Vitamin B6

Analytical Constituents

Moisture 18.9%
Protein 24.9%
Fat Content 10.8%
Crude Fibre 1.2%
Inorganic Matter 3.9%


Potassium Sorbate

Feeding Guide

A good guide to how much Progress to feed each day is to compare the quantity to the Breakthrough feeding guide at a rate of 10%.

For example, if your dog should feed 300 grams of Breakthrough each day – then the maximum amount of Progress treats would be 30 grams (10%). The table below shows the maximum amount of Progress Training Treats to feed each day.

Breakthrough dog food – feeding guide
Weight (KG) Treats per 24 hours (g)
2.5 7
5 11
10 18
15 25
20 30
25 36
30 42
35 46
40 52
45 56

Treats may be broken into smaller pieces for training sessions.

How Long Will A Bag Last?

If you’re wondering how long your treats will last, feeding at this rate, no matter what size dog you have; for every bag of Breakthrough you will need 3 bags of Progress treats (based on a single dog fed at 10% as above).