Breakthrough FollowUp Diet Introduction

Breakthrough Followup dog
Breakthrough Follow Up 12kg bag of dog food

It’s reassuring to know that, by feeding Breakthrough StartUp together with patient, gentle and consistent training, you and your dog have found a way forward with managing stress-related, unwanted behaviours. There are many such testimonials on the Breakthrough website and more and more pet professionals are coming to know and rely on Breakthrough StartUp to help them manage such situations.

Having made considerable progress, you may now be wondering whether you need to consider feeding Breakthrough Startup continuously, or whether there is an alternative maintenance diet that will allow you to retain all the benefits that you have, so far, achieved together.

If you choose to do so, you can safely continue to feed Breakthrough StartUp and to use this as your everyday maintenance diet. However, the manufacturers of Breakthrough StartUp have specifically designed Breakthrough FollowUp as a tailored maintenance diet for your dog, to ensure that you can achieve proper, balanced nutrition without losing any of the benefits that you both achieved with StartUp.

Breakthrough FollowUp

Breakthrough FollowUp provides excellent, complete, balanced nutrition. It helps your dog to maintain the calmness and enhanced learning that you’ve now achieved but, additionally offers a substantial cost saving of approximately 30%.*

Using this unique approach which harnesses the dog’s own neurotransmitters to modify its reaction to stressful and overstimulating situations, the Breakthrough range is the only one available that provides a tailored package of primary and secondary diets together with specifically designed complementary training treats.

A graphic explaining how Breakthrough StartUp dog food, Breakthrough FollowUp dog food and Breakthrough TrainUp treats work together

Please note, that the Breakthrough FollowUp diet has been designed to be used once positive behaviours and improved mood state have been established by feeding Breakthrough StartUp for at least six months. It is not a less expensive therapeutic alternative to using Breakthrough StartUp to help modify unwanted behaviours.

*Breakthrough StartUp and Breakthrough FollowUp are available in 5kg and 12kg bags.

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Do you need any advice?

If you need any advice, please contact the Breakthrough Helpline Team on our freephone number 0808 168 3344 or email


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