Wood Green Trial 2 – Mid Way Update

breakthrough™ Initial Feedback from Second Wood Green Trial

We are well into our second trial with the Wood Green rescue centre and Chris Bennet has a brief update on two of the dogs

Sherlock the Lurcher

Observation: Stray dog, reactive to other dogs on a lead from a large distance. Barking, hackles up and lunging. Mixed well with females off lead, very reactive when on a lead. Not responding to any training.

Progress: Training plan introduced few weeks before Breakthrough diet, slight improvement but not much in terms of responsiveness and reactivity. 21 days of trial completed. Last day of feeding diary filled in by staff says ‘very impressed’. Reactivity now very low, few barks but comeback time much quicker, responding to training, able to meet some dogs on walks and described as calm and relaxed a lot on feeding diary.

Elf the Akita Cross

Observation: Stray dog. On arrival initially very nervous and wary of strangers and reactive to other dogs. Would react by barking, hackles up and lunging but on approach would back away and hide with people, with dogs didn’t really get near, appeared to be mixed sociable response but very exaggerated and scared other dogs.

Progress: Training really started 1-2mths ago and reactivity was becoming less but still not able to meet many other dogs. On diet much quicker improvement, less intense emotional responses, therefore able to meet other dogs and strangers. Decrease in reactivity and increase in sociability to new people.

So the trial continues and we’re excited to hear what progress all of the dogs display in the coming weeks! Watch this space!

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