On returning to work after a year, Willow couldn’t cope.

chris-bennet-photoWillow is an energetic four year old Greyhound who came to her owner as a failed racer. She is very keen to follow her owners everywhere and is a typical Velcro dog. She also has a very sharp mind and loves to be kept occupied. Willows owner returned to work after a year of being at home, but Willow struggled to be left even with the owners other dog Blue as company. Often she would come home to find Willow had dragged all the sofa cushions into her bed, destroyed things which her owner didn’t even think to move out of her reach and just generally a very clingy lady, crying if the owners left the room and standing by the door waiting for them to come back.

Following advice from a CAPBT behaviourist, her owner increased Willows enrichment during her absence and also as recommended started her on the breakthrough™ diet. It took only a couple of weeks to notice a difference in Willows behaviour starting with fewer cushions being stolen!

Willow has always had a Kong when left alone with Blue, however since introducing a flirt pole, Kong Wobbler and a Ruffle Snuffle Mat, alongside the breakthrough™ diet, her home alone time has improved tremendously. Willow is no longer chewing cushions and her owners can go now go upstairs without her whining and pacing at the bottom of the stairs.

She is still as enthusiastic about feeding times as ever and her owners really feel the diet has help take the edge off of her anxiety whilst being alone and allowed her to focus on the activities left for her. Willows owner feels confident now about leaving her and can focus on her career and work without worrying constantly about Willow whilst she is out.

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