So terrified of other dogs but now enjoys his walks.

BenBenjamin is a 15 month old Belgian Schipperke. Benjamin came to Hilary an experienced Schipperke owner, aged 7 months from a breeder who had decided not to keep him on. Benjamin was raised mostly in a kennel environment and had little or no training, he had very few social skills was really anxious around people and other dogs.

When meeting another dog or strangers he would become quite terrified, his tail tucked under tightly and try to bolt. His new owner Hilary soon realised he had not been handled well at all and to add to his problems Benjamin did not like the car either and would spend the journey shaking in a terrified way.

Benjamin was waking his new owner at 5am each day anxious to go out to the toilet and really never seemed to relax completely.  Since being on breakthrough, Benjamin has been enjoying his walks.

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