Breakthrough Update From Wood Green

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been carrying out studies with Chris Bennett at Wood Green – The Animals Charity – in Godmanchester, to demonstrate the results that Breakthrough produces. Chris Bennett has an update on three of the dogs currently on Breakthrough.

Whitefield (10 Month Old Puggle)
Whitefield is a 2yr old mongrel that was found as a puppy in India. Her owners rescued her and she lived with them for a short time in India before returning to the UK. Whitefield came to us due to not getting on with the other dogs in the home. She is a very nervous little dog that likes things to be quiet and predictable and while very affectionate takes time to trust people. Whitefield has been on Breakthrough for a few months now and is fostered by her main carer here. She is improving in confidence every day, is much more tolerant of other dogs than when she arrived and is slowly showing signs of wanting to play with other dogs. She has also made friends with lots of new people. We are hoping the right home will come along for her soon.


Mylo (Terrier Cross)
Mylo is a terrier cross that came into us in June. Mylo had a history of being reactive to dogs and new people and he showed this instantly here. Initially, he really struggled with kennel life and the busy environment and wasn’t responding to any training and his behaviour quickly deteriorated. We moved him to one of our older kennel blocks away from other dogs, started training and put him on the Breakthrough diet. Mylo’s reactivity to other dogs greatly reduced and he started to respond to his handlers more, his barking and fear towards new people completely went away and he was much more confident around new people. We are pleased to say that it took 5mths but Mylo was rehomed two weeks ago and he is doing very well.


Marley (SBT X EBT)
Marley is a SBT X EBT that came to us in May. Marley has big impulse control issues likely due to his owners not giving him any training, a previous life of living outside and his breed type. Initially, Marley had problems learning anything and remembering it but recently we have seen vast improvements and training sessions are now one of his favourite things. We are pleased that Marley is now starting to make the correct decisions for himself and we hope he will find a home soon.


Breakthrough have been working with Wood Green, The Animals Charity to help support dogs in rescue as they work through behaviour modification programmes that aim to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. Breakthrough has also helped newly rehomed dogs adapt to their new life – as well as prevented some dogs being handed into rescue.
Dog looking out a window to a beautiful landscape, a shop now button and the Breakthrough TrainUp Treats

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