Alfie Gains Confidence

Alfie’s Progress

Sent in by Katie Mayor after she trialled the first batch of breakthrough. Katie’s feedback come one month after the trial. Alfie was stressed out by other dogs as well as new places which made going for walks a challenge. He’s making great progress now as Katie explains (cleverly, Alfie has dictated his feedback to Katie)

“We go on more walks in busier places, one of my favourite is Worden park, Mummy & Nanny like it there because they can get a coffee sometimes a bit of lunch and I get a few tit bits if I’ve been good.”

“I’m much more confident around other dogs & sometimes I’m really brave and go & say hello 1st. There are still times when I’m scared- sometimes really scared but they don’t happen as much any more. I even go on walks with Harley sometimes- he still scares me a little at times but I feel much better being around him. We even walk side by side.”

alfie walking

“I’m much more confident around other dogs and sometimes I’m really brave and go and say hello first!”

“Another thing I’ve managed to achieve is going in water which my mummy’s really happy about we was on a walk one day and my mum spotted a good spot for me to try and thankfully mummy had her jelly shoes on so we went in together & I realised that it’s not so bad, it was a hot day too so I realised it cools me down plus I can have a nice drink- if it’s clean water.”

alfie in water

“Mum must be really happy & proud because we keep going back there- she must be trying to get me used to it. We even went back with the whole family to show them.
I went to a new place the other day and got in the water all by myself- however I got a little giddy and threw myself in- that hurt a tad so I won’t do that again.We were trying to get some good pictures to show you and a nice man offered to take one on his fancy camera. I can only go tummy deep, but hopefully one day I’ll get in all the way and swim. Mum takes me once a week and next time she says well go the beech because I’m not too keen on pebbles- I’m too wary of slipping on them. I love the beech so can’t wait to go. Mum reckons I won’t like the salty water, but we’re still going to give it a go.”

“I’ve been really good crossing bridges lately, sometimes I don’t even realise I’m on one! …”

“I do get sleepy after doing all my new things as I’m not used to them so I look forward to my nap afterwards. I love my sleep. 💙”

“So I guess that’s an update on me and my behaviour, big improvements & more to come…Thanks again Shelley, for all your wonderful help.”

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