August 2022 Rescue Dog Update from woodgreen

Jax the street dog from guam

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, Breakthrough has been working with woodgreen to help support dogs in rescue as they work through behaviour modification programmes that aim to rehabilitate them and find them new homes.

Mally the German Shepherd x Lurcher

Mally has been with us for 8mths sadly as he is looking for quite a specific home. Mally is quite reactive to dogs and being quite a large breed this can make him a bit of a handful for some. Mally is great with people and his only requirements for a new home are someone looking for a large dog and living in a low dog populated area. Mally responds really well to training from his main handlers and we are hoping that the diet will improve his focus when walked with new people, and also help him to relax after spending so long in a kennel environment.

Mally the GSD x Lurcher

Stella the Chihuahua Cross

Stella has been with us for around 4mths now. She has a long history of being fearful around new people and it can take a long time for her to build confidence around strangers. This behaviour is putting off potential new owners as it will take a long time for her to show her sweet affectionate side. We are hoping that the Breakthrough diet will help reduce her anxiety and speed up her response to show her social behaviours with new people.

Stella the Chihuahua Cross


Jax has a slightly unique history in that he was originally a street dog in Guam that found his way into his previous owner’s home. The lifestyle out there worked for him but he has struggled with all the changes that moving to the UK and a more pet lifestyle brings. He is great with people but can have anxieties around some new situations such as being on lead around other dogs and younger children. He is looking for a home with time and patience to help him settle and accept his history is going to mean that his needs will be a longer term management project. We are hoping that the Breakthrough diet will help to build his confidence and reduce his response when he is worried.

Jax the cross

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