Ben and Hilary make even more progress

Hilary's Ben on the boat

Later last year we shared with you Hilary and Bens story, the 15 month old Belgian Schipperke who had a rather isolated start in life with very littleHilary's Ben on the boat social interaction and anxiety issue with people and other dogs. When we last heard from Hilary Ben had come on in leaps and bounds on his new breakthrough™ diet and life was really starting to improve for him and wanted to share with us his further updates in the last few months continuing on the breakthrough™ diet.

Ben and his new family had a fabulous holiday in Autumn, something they didn’t think they would manage so well a few months earlier, on a barge for two whole weeks. It only took Ben a couple of days to settle in to this unusual setting and soon decided this was his new home and the towpath his too!

In Hilary’s own words “In fact a little too confident at times and in the second week ended up falling in!”

He happily settled in to visiting pubs and enjoyed watching the world go by with no trouble at all.

He continues to improve with his confidence ever growing with other dogs, some of whom he now manages to enjoy a good game with; even the trainer at classes has commented on how much more confident and less nervous Ben is. Bonfire night passed with lots of fireworks and only a few minor barks from Ben, again something that previously they would have expected to be an issue.

We look forward to hearing Bens updates as he faces new challenges and hurdles, with his new found confidence.

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