Breakthrough Helps Within Two Weeks

Happy dog in the garden

Some excellent initial feedback from CAPBT Behaviourist

“Just back from a follow up visit with an anxious retriever – was so frightened by the outside world she couldn’t be walked from the house. Have had her on 2 weeks respite from walks and being fed only breakthrough™… A much calmer dog today – managed a short walk from house and to ignore various things which would previously have sent her running back inside.”

“Dog now drug-free and visibly happier with just breakthrough™”

“Owner stopped all meds (had been put on diazepam by vet) the day she started breakthrough™. Dog now drug-free and visibly happier with just breakthrough™ and a new approach to managing her anxiety – thank you breakthrough™ for giving us the ‘window’ we needed to work with this dog – one very happy behaviourist!”

Helen Hitching (Via Facebook)

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