Breakthrough progress update with Wood Green

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been carrying out studies with Chris Bennett at Wood Green – The Animals Charity – in Godmanchester, to demonstrate the results that Breakthrough produces. Chris Bennett has an update on three of the dogs currently on Breakthrough.


We first heard about Sheba back in February this year. Sheba was rescued by her owners when they were living in Ethiopia. She returned to the UK with them and found the transition hard, she is was nervous of new people and new situations. 

Sheba went to her home a few weeks ago. She has been on Breakthrough whilst in the kennels. She had really started to come out of herself and made new friends with the staff a Wood Green. She has found a couple with a quiet lifestyle and has settled in really well into their home.


Reggie is a Beagle currently on Breakthrough and has really settled into his routine here. He is now crate trained and we think this will help for his hyper moments. Reggie is going to his new home for a trial period of a few days to see how he gets on. As with all our dogs on Breakthrough, he will go to his new home with a bag to continue with. We hope we can have a photo to share next month’s update!


Whitefield also on Breakthrough has found a home after about a year with us. She has had a few trial weekends and done really well so will be permanently going to her new home in the next week or so.

A New Arrival …


Jasper is a new arrival to Wood Green, he’s so new to the centre we don’t have a photo of him yet! Jasper is a dog that someone rescued from Thailand and is quite nervous of people he doesn’t know, he has been with us about a week and is doing well. Jasper has begun on Breakthrough to give some extra behavioural support. We hope to have a photo of Jasper and an update on his progress month.


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