Breakthrough update from Wood Green

Darcy has been rehomed and doing very well, Whitefield and Creed are still with us. 


Elsie is a brindle mastiff cross that has been handed to Wood Green due to a time where she escaped her home and got her self into an incident with a small dog. Elsie is very sociable and enjoys playing with other dogs however when she sees them she can’t manage her impulsivity and frustration levels and gets very worked up. This can make her appear like a bit of a monster and generally over arouses herself. Elsie is in our high end needs training unit while having some extra training on impulse control and some chase recall work and she is currently being fed the breakthrough diet to compliment the training. 


Reggie is a 3yr old black and white SBT who has come to Wood Green due to a relationship split and nobody being able to keep him. Sadly Reggie had a very bad experience at the vets as a puppy and since then has not been able to be handled at the vets for check overs or routine treatments. To give Reggie the best start and chance of being checked over and handled for his routine treatments and should he ever be unwell we are implementing some desensitisation and counter-conditioning training using Breakthrough as an aid to help us out with this.


Whisper is a 10-month-old mastiff cross with impulse control issues. She gets very excited and over the top when seeing people and dogs and her full-on greetings can get into trouble, and are the reason she is with us at Wood Green. Whisper is living in our high-end needs training unit and is also on home foster while she has some training. She is on the Breakthrough diet whilst with us to assist with this.

Dog looking out a window to a beautiful landscape, a shop now button and the Breakthrough TrainUp Treats

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