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Boss the Rottweiler outside

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Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been working with Wood Green, The Animals Charity. We help support dogs in rescue as they work through behaviour modification programmes that aim to rehabilitate them and find them new homes.


Boss is a Rottweiler that was returned to Wood Green after a year in his new home (through no fault of his own). We knew from his previous stay that he found kennels very stressful and unsettling. Typical of his breed he is wary of new people and places. We knew that transitioning back into kennels would be difficult for him. Knowing the benefits of Breakthrough to the dogs in our care we placed him on Breakthrough as soon as he returned to kennels. This enabled us to give him the best chance of a high mood state and reduction in stress and anxiety. We are pleased to say that Boss transitioned very well and as such is now in his new home. 

Boss the Rottweiler


Dash arrived at Wood Green as a stray so his background is unknown.  He behaves like a typical adolescent dog. He is over-excited at times and he can also push the boundaries for fun. Also, when off lead, he can do fly by’s grabbing the coats and clothes of staff. Seeing other dogs when he is on lead can make him very frustrated and he can bark and lunge at them. Although he means well this is another aspect of his training and his impulse control that we are working on. We’re using Breakthrough dog food as one of our tools. 

Dash the Stray


3 dogs were rehomed that were fed on Breakthrough. All have gone to their new homes with a bag and information pack on Breakthrough: 

Shadow – SBT (has separation-related issues and arousal) Beyron – GSD (suffers from dog reactivity)

Ralph – Lurcher (struggles with human stranger related issues) 

Tia (Rotti cross) is still currently in kennels. She continues to be fed on Breakthrough to help with her dog reactivity and kennel stress. 

Are you looking for a dog?

Has one of these adorable dogs has touched your heart? If one of has done, you can visit the Wood Green website to learn more about their story.


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