Breakthrough update from Wood Green

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been carrying out studies with Chris Bennett at Wood Green – The Animals Charity – in Godmanchester, to demonstrate the results that Breakthrough produces. Chris Bennett has an update on three of the dogs currently on Breakthrough.


Sheba is a mongrel that was rescued by her owners when they were living in Ethiopia. She returned to the UK with them and found the transition hard, she is very nervous of new people and new situations. Her owners had a baby which unsettled her more hence she is with us looking for a new home. We are hoping to build her confidence in new situations and with new people.


Black and white spaniel x poodle (Pictured with one of his kennel friends Bear). Wally has had multiple homes that have returned him for behaviour problems. He has growled over stolen possessions which owners have found hard to live with. We are feeding him on the Breakthrough and teaching him some life skills that will hopefully improve his chances of finding and staying in a forever home.


Cole is a patterdale terrier that has some separation related problems, possibly due to his previous home where he was left for around 12hrs a day 5 weeks a week on his own. He gets very distressed when people leave him and we are trying to raise his mood state as much as possible to help with his training to be more relaxed when he is left alone.


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