Breakthrough update from Woodgreen

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been carrying out studies with Chris Bennett at Wood Green – The Animals Charity – in Godmanchester, to demonstrate the results that Breakthrough produces. Chris Bennett has an update on three of the dogs currently on Breakthrough.


Maddison is an adolescent Anatolian Shepherd X that came to us as a stray. She had major impulse control controls when she first arrived, while she was friendly with people and dogs if she could hear dogs in the distance or see them and not be able to meet them she would turn and grab onto her lead or handler and play tug and rag with them, for a large dog this was very dangerous. Maddison was put on a strict training plan alongside the Breakthrough diet and has shown a huge improvement in behaviour. Maddison is currently having a trial period in a new home and we are waiting to see if they will make the decision to keep her.


Skye is a Norfolk Terrier Cross that was very shut down when she arrived, curled up in a corner in her kennel and not interacting with people or her environment. Away from the kennels having she is very reactive to people and dogs and in her foster home has shown some quite severe fora related behaviours. Skye is on the Breakthrough diet and with some consistency to her routines and training is now able to be left for a few hours at a time with no signs of distress. We are hoping that she will find her forever home soon.

Dog looking out a window to a beautiful landscape, a shop now button and the Breakthrough TrainUp Treats

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