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1 year old Cane Corso was purchased over the internet and he did not get on with their male mastiff cross so he was taken to Wood Green. The previous owner mentioned that he was kept in a crate for most of the day as he was destructive in the home and the original owner described him as an anxious dog. He tail chases quite persistently and this behaviour was excessive when he first came in. He has been on Breakthrough and a training programme after 2 weeks and we have seen small improvements regarding his compulsive tail chasing. He is able to learn new life skills and appropriate ways of raising his mood state such as chewing a chew, settle training, scent work and engaging in more explorative behaviour. He is currently still under behavioural assessment and is not available for rehoming.

Hunter the Cane Corso


Berry is a 10 month old German Shepherd who is been in and out of Wood Green since she came in when she was 8-9 weeks old. She came in with an old fracture of her right hind leg. She had received surgery and recovered in a foster home. We rehomed her 3 times but unfortunately, she came back every time due to her behaviour in the home. She can be very grabby and overexcited in the home, struggles to settle down. Berry is currently back on-site and has recently switched to Breakthrough, we are currently assessing if she would be best suited to a working home.

Berry the German Shepherd


Pancake is a 2 year old ex racing Greyhound from Ireland. She was one of our long termers at Wood Green and stayed with us for over 430 days. She struggled being around other dogs and has redirected onto her handler when seeing dogs or wildlife. The last few weeks of her being at Wood Green we were able to mix her with dogs and her reactivity decreased significantly. She is now successfully rehomed with Breakthrough food, to the coast and enjoys her long strolls at the beach.

Pancake the Greyhound


Dash is a 2 year old bull lurcher who came in our care at Wood Green as a stray so we had limited history. He was a sociable dog with people and dogs initially, however, over time he became reactive towards other dogs and was not able to socialize with them anymore. He would get over aroused quickly and has hard mouthed people on-site. He was undergoing lots of impulse control training and re-introducing him to other dogs, alongside the Breakthrough diet. His behaviour around dogs, his general mood state, and impulse control improved greatly and he has been rehomed successfully with another greyhound a few weeks ago.

Dash the Lurcher


Clarence was in our care at Wood Green for 129 days. Clarence has a history of struggling with his impulse control, and has been reactive to other dogs, a cyclist and has redirected in the past. During his stay he was in a foster home but came back due to needing more training. He was successfully rehomed 2 weeks ago and we had a positive update. He has been doing well with his training out and about, has not redirected and has been lovely in his new home.


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