Ellie is Muzzle Free

Ellie was fine as a puppy but at approx. 8 months of age there was a difference in her general demeanor in boarding kennels. She was reactive to anyone/anything moving in front of her kennel (barrier frustration). Or was it just this?”

“She had also reacted to a friend’s dog during a walk when the owners were having a rest on a park bench. As she went for the other dog Ellie accidentally bit her owner. Time to take this seriously. We would have to walk her with a muzzle.”

Dogs meeting in the kennel Two dogs jumping over Hay bales Dogs making friends in a field

“Speaking with a behaviourist, Ellie’s owner was recommended the breakthrough diet along with some techniques to change Ellie’s behaviour to other dogs. “In the first few weeks we noticed a difference Ellie, she was more at ease even with her home playmate Oscar.”

“I’m so pleased. Actually I cried!”

“Ellie and her family including Oscar, used to go on holiday together but her behaviour became so unpredictable she had to be left behind in kennels. Ellie was in the best hands though as the kennel owner was an animal behaviourist and progressed the steps to help Ellie reduce her reactive state with other dogs.”

Ellie has continued on walks with less reactions and I her owner is now confident to walk her without her muzzle and harness. In October they decided to take both dogs away to Norfolk on holiday. “I can’t begin to explain how happy I am, were in Norfolk, we took the dogs out on a long walk, the walk mostly required dogs on leads and was a narrow path along a top of a mound through coastal fields. You can imagine how many dogs we would expect to pass, I stopped counting at 11, Ellie was amazing we didn’t have a single incident , she greeted dogs on the lead and off the lead sniffed noses tails wagging. I’m so pleased. Actually I cried!
Ellie and Anna, Ely

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