A Happier Home for Floki the Border Collie

Floki the Border Collie outside in the grass

“I have a 18 month old border collie. He was hyper. To say the least difficult to train. Since changing feed I have noticed a massive difference. He is more calmer and focused. Making it easier for training and definitely a happier home. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Testimonial from Floki’s owner Fiona, Floki and Fiona are working with Behaviourist, Trainer and Breakthrough Ambassador, Lynn Allardyce from Pet Behaviour Scotland.

Floki the 18 month old border collie lying down in the woods with tall grass and blue bells in the background.
Floki the 18 month old border collie
Dog looking out a window to a beautiful landscape, a shop now button and the Breakthrough TrainUp Treats

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