March 2022 Rescue Dog Update from woodgreen

Loki the Tyme Bulldog sitting on a sofa

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, Breakthrough has been working with woodgreen to help support dogs in rescue as they work through behaviour modification programmes that aim to rehabilitate them and find them new homes.

Loki the Tyme Bulldog

Loki has been with us for 79 days now and is a 2 year old Tyme Bulldog.  He originally came to us due to his owner’s lifestyle change as well as the owners not being able to cope with his behaviour anymore.  He is stressed in kennels and is reactive when in the kennel to both other dogs and people (even people he knows).  He is frustrated behind barriers after spending a lot of his time in his old home in a crate.  He has stranger issues and has bitten when feeling scared and panicked.  His handlers are teaching him appropriate ways to interact with strangers and have put a visitor protocol in place for him. 

woodgreen rescue dog, Loki the 2 year old Tyme Bulldog sat on teal sofa smiling
Loki the 2 year old Tyme Bulldog

Copper the Lurcher Cross

Copper is a lurcher cross who has been with us for 19 days.  He came to us from another rescue after a foster home not working out for him due to being worried of the male in the home.  He barks at strangers and other dogs and is very reactive in the kennel environment.  Currently, he has a management plan in place where staff are shutting other dogs in to make it easier to walk him past their kennels as he will lunge at them.  They are also doing distraction work with him out on walks for when he walks past dogs and strangers.  He is only just starting his training plan so we are hoping Breakthrough will help him with it.

Ghost the Lurcher

Ghost is a lurcher who has been in kennels for 104 days now after coming to us a stray.  She is really scared of everything and often stops on walks and panics and tries to back out of her harness.  She did at one point escape her harness and got lose on site but luckily staff were able to catch her.  Her handlers are currently trying to build her confidence to get her ready for a new home.  They are trying to get her used to situations that she will be in everyday in a home environment for example they are spending a lot of time with her in offices- getting her used to everyday household noises.  We are hoping going on Breakthrough will help her long term so that she does not need other support such as drug support to help her cope.  This will in turn hopefully make it easier to find a new home for her as drug support can be off-putting to new owners.

woodgreen rescue dog, Ghost the lurcher stood outside in the Autumn leaves, wearing his coat and lead.
Ghost the lurcher

Are you looking for a dog? 

Has one of these adorable dogs touched your heart? If one of these fantastic dogs has, you can visit the woodgreen website to learn more about their story.

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