Rex is Noticeably Calmer on Breakthrough

Rex the French Bulldog

Rex’s owner Rebecca was a lucky winner of 6 months of Breakthrough StartUp, Breakthrough TrainUp Training Treats and a BUSTER Dog Maze after entering a competition we ran at BVNA Congress 2022.

Here is what Rebecca said about her experience with Breakthrough and the BUSTER Dog Maze so far:

“Since starting Rex on the breakthrough food within a month he has noticeably been a lot calmer and has started to listen more with his training. Using the slow feeder bowl with Rex has definitely kept him occupied and does seem to scrounge a lot less.

I was dubious about the food working with Rex as he can be a challenge, but after using it for over a month there has definitely been a difference in his behaviour. It has been amazing to see the calming effects of the tryptophan and I will definitely be keeping him on this food to further his progress.”

Testimonial from Rex’s owner Rebecca Rowe-Wakeling (our BVNA Congress event 2022 competition prize winner)

Our prize winner, Rex the French bulldog

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