Ricky the Dachshund and his Happy New Life

Dachshund Sat In Chair

I re-homed Ricky a year ago. His first home had caged him as they also had a Bassett Hound and were frightened it would roll on him.  His second home was a family with children, but he wasn’t socialised at all.  When we re-homed him, he hated men and was fearful of everything.  Now, on Breakthrough, he is a changed dog. He sits with me at night, our post is no longer eaten, and he is also doing gun dog training.

Thanks to Breakthrough Dog Food, (and Rachel Knight from OSCAR Pet Foods Northamptonshire for talking to me about it!) I now have a calm, loving dog.

Ricky is cared for by Julia Lovett.

Ricky in an agility class     Dachshund Sat In Chair   Dachshund Sat In Chair


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