Rosa gets her best friend back

We have two dogs both small fluffy mixtures.  Daisy is 9 years, Rosa 2 years and they are both the best of friends.  Suddenly Daisy started to become very aggressive towards Rosa, initially over food then just randomly, all other times in between they are best of friends.
We tried a behaviourist and found their methods too rough and the situation got worse.

We tried another one, so much better, who after watching them and speaking to us recommended we speak to our vet as he felt Daisy had a health problem.
We started investigating, but all these tests take time and whilst this is going on we still have an aggressive dog that is steadily getting worse and there have been serious discussions about whether we would need to rehome one.  On one of our many vet trips, the vet suggested we tried Breakthrough.  We had nothing to lose so ordered and it arrived very quickly.  We decided to feed it to both dogs and have just completed our first 4 weeks.
All this time we have also continued to work with our behaviourist.  They are still fighting but things are getting slowly getting better.  There is clearly still a medical issue we need to get to the bottom of but we feel we are making progress.  Our behaviourist is confident that when we get to the bottom of the medical issue that any learnt bad behaviours during this time will be quickly resolved.
Additional bonuses, wind has reduced substantially and their poo is looking much healthier.
Rosa who has always been very timid and will bark anxiously at other dogs has calmed down considerably,  on the lead she hardly barks at all and off lead is much better providing the other dog is not too bouncy.
I cannot honestly say how much is down to the food but I certainly would not go back to our old food.
Dog looking out a window to a beautiful landscape, a shop now button and the Breakthrough TrainUp Treats

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