Breakthrough update from Wood Green

Since the launch of Breakthrough in 2016, we have been carrying out studies with Chris Bennett at Wood Green – The Animals Charity – in Godmanchester, to demonstrate the results that Breakthrough produces. Chris Bennett has an update on two of the dogs currently on Breakthrough.

Sully (10 Month Old Puggle)
Sully has spent his short life stealing and guarding things. He has been with us a few weeks and we are currently doing a full EMRA assessment to fully understand why he has already started on a crash course of basic life skill training to help. He has been out on Breakthrough to help him learn his training quickly and hopefully prevent some of the guarding.

Dexy (SBT x Collie)
Dexy was rehomed and returned due to Separation related behaviours. Again, quite complex as he doesn’t seem to mind being on his own too much as he is fine and relaxed in the kennels. We are hoping that Breakthrough will help with his next rehoming.

Bentley (8yr old staffi)
Bentley came to us with some really bad handling issues and a bit of dog aggression. Since being on Breakthrough and having training he is comfortable wearing a muzzle and as such has been vaccinated and wears a muzzle happily on his walks and is much less reactive on his walks, now happily ignoring dogs. We are looking to introduce further handling training with him.
Breakthrough have been working with Wood Green, The Animals Charity to help support dogs in rescue as they work through behaviour modification programmes that aim to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. Breakthrough has also helped newly rehomed dogs adapt to their new life – as well as prevented some dogs being handed into rescue.

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