BUSTER Activity Mat Starter Set

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Buster Activity Mat:

​The basic BUSTER ActivityMat has 35 press studs placed 10 cm apart. You can attach different tasks to the mat, most of them with varying levels of difficulty depending on whether you fold the tasks or leave them open. The mat fits a different range of tasks, depending on the size of the individual task. This gives you the opportunity to have more tasks for your dog. The starter set contains a carrier bag with a basic mat and 3 activities:

1. The envelope
2. The water lily
3. The cone cloth

Complementary activities can be bought separately.

Buster Activity Mat Starter Set
This item: BUSTER Activity Mat Starter Set
£46.99 inc. VAT
£46.99 inc. VAT
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Buster Activity Mat Starter Set

​Fun and mental stimulation for your dog in everyday life can be a reality with the Buster Activity Mat Starter Set. Not only do you get a range of challenges, but you can also vary the difficulty of each challenge and play over and over again.

How to use the Buster Activity Mat:

• Always supervise your dog when using the Buster Activity Mat
• Place the ActivityMat so your dog can access it from all sides
• Dogs are different. Some dogs may choose to use their paws a lot, others use their snout. Accept the way your dog chooses to solve the tasks
• Only allow one dog at the time to work with the Buster Activity Mat
• It is important that your dog experiences success when working with the ActivityMat. Therefore, start with a single task and let this be “open”. Give your dog the help it needs, without taking the initiative from it
• If your dog does not know what to do, it is a good idea to give it a treat just for touching the ActivityMat
• Choose the right time to work with the Buster Activity Mat. If your dog is too eager, it might be a good idea to let it eat first. However, if it is less interested, it may be an advantage that it is hungry when it is presented to the ActivityMat.

Helpful tips:

• Use a start command when your dog is about to work with the ActivityMat, such a ‘go’ or ‘take it’
• Let, at first, the dog see that you put treats in the activities
• Avoid over-stimulation, work max. 15 minutes at a time, but preferably several times a day
• Always finish the work with the activity mat while your dog is successful.